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Underground URBEX tour

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Hard imagine what's going on "under the" daily walk. Underground tour It changes your outlook - will show a different world, which is fraught with the city beneath them. Drainage tunnels, rivers, cameras, protective bunkers await you. You can also log in abandoned bunker Civil Defense - to see artifacts and equipment that is not affected since the Cold War.

Together with a group you will learn about how it works urban drainage system of tunnels, will know that beneath it there is life - the flora and fauna. You see what it means to hide in a bunker Civil Defense, how long you can stay there, what to drink and eat. This underground tour is conducted Urbex a team of professionals with maximum safety and all kinds of
equipment (rubber boots, helmet, flashlight). Having performed at least once a journey, you will see the city and its streets are completely different. More Nowhere in the world you will not find such an underground tour.

Places to visit:
● drainage tunnels
● underground river
● Bunker Civil Defense

This tour is organized by Svitlana Travel Company on request. The price for an individual tour (for 1 person) may differ.
The price is valid for a group tour.
Price for a half-day tour of the underground urbeks: ​​79 €

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