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Discover the secrets of military strategy STALIN - TUNNEL! Soviet Union was preparing for a world war in the 30s, the Secretary-General Joseph Stalin and his advisers decided that the supply of trains for Dnepr river will be the safest option. Using unique technologies​ ​ (Some of them are imported from the US and UK) was built huge underground structure. However, the huge cost, together with the beginning of the war in The Soviet Union was not allowed to finish the tunnel in 1941, and they did not help Red Army to defend Kiev. Then, after the Nazi occupation, the Germans decided to​ ​ to continue the construction of these tunnels. And again, after the liberation of Kiev, work He continued. However, shortly after the war, the construction finally stopped due to changes in military doctrine; nuclear missiles.
This story is embodied in the tunnels, which are spectacular​ ​ a piece of concrete, whose appearance will cause your mind to think about how this is possible It was to build? Together with historian Svitlana Travel Company you will plunge into the events Nazi occupation and the history of the war in Kiev. You'll be amazed at how the USSR I planned to build tunnels. Grab the most powerful lens to its​ ​ camera...you'll need it!

This tour will be an indispensable addition to a tour of World War II: "Echo World War II. "Places to visit:

● The tunnel 1 (Obolon)
● Tunnel 2 (Pyrohiv)
● Inspection boat tunnel (depending on the water level)

This tour is organized by Svitlana Travel Company on request. The price for an individual tour (for 1 person) may differ.
The price is valid for a group tour.
Price for a half-day tour "Stalin's Secret tunnels": ​​79 €

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