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Shooting from firearms in Kyiv

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The legend lives! AK 47 - the most common gun in the world (about 100 million units in the world). And the one that has the largest number of victims.

You can visit one of the few places in the world where it will get the opportunity to experience legitimate and absolutely safe. Our private shooting gallery with a professional English speaking instructor will provide you with an opportunity to get one of the most adrenaline-filled experience in the world.
First, find out about the history and about how to use and handle this highly efficient rifle made by Mikhail
Kalashnikov. With a design more than 70 years ago, you will be impressed with the power and ease of This machine,
which has become a symbol of the Soviet Union.

Dismantling and presentation / demonstration by the instructor this is only the beginning.

With 10 rounds at a distance of 50 and an instructor, screaming behind you, you feel like a real soldier in training. After graduation, you will be able to use any of Kalashnikov to protect (we hope you never have to do this).

If 10 rounds is not enough, you can buy more, bullet 1 = 3 euros.
In order to transfer your experience Kalashnikov use on another level, Svitlana Travel Company included in the tour price are two arms, each of which is designed for 10 rounds, so you can try them out. First, a shotgun (at a shorter distance: 10-20 meters) will give you a touch of the most effective protection in matters of domestic security, with a force that can stop an attacker by several bullets in one shot. Secondly, a special working sniper rifle from the Second World War under the name Mosin will leave you speechless ... and maybe with a few bruises on his shoulder. You will be amazed by its firepower and precision sound. It is not surprising that Soviet snipers became legends. We can not guarantee that you too will become a legend, but we give a guarantee, If you really love guns, we can offer fire another 5 types of weapons, including the AR-15 or archery (great fun!). The cost of 50 euros each for 10 bullets.

What you will explore:
• AK-47 Kalashnikov
• Sniper rifle Mosin (VMV)
• Shotgun
• professional shooting range
• Protection for eyes and ears
• Paper targets as a souvenir
• Safety Education
• Pick up at your address in Kiev

Price for shooting tour "Kalashnikov", lasting half a day:
$ 99 - per person.

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