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Echo of world war 2 tour

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Kyiv Southern Front was to stop the Nazi troops who were trying to to conquer the Soviet Union. Huge machine gun with underground bunkers connections were built only a few months in 1941. In 1942 it became the site of one of the bloodiest battles between the Soviet. Union and the Nazis during World War II, the place where the Red Army defeated. Then the Nazis occupied Kiev and went to conquer​ ​ Moscow.

Hopper It was not enough to stop well-equipped​ ​ armored tanks German army. Bullet holes, monuments and​ ​ collapsed part of the tunnel are witnessing the sad story of defeat​ ​ Kyiv defense. Walk through the machine gun hoppers, one of which is Museum and historical narrative about the war will make you wince and​ ​ imagine all the feelings and actions in these conditions. Will the hero that protects​ ​ their homeland, or a traitor, which runs from the trenches?

Visit hidden bunker​ ​ system with those who discovered it, listen to the outstanding history and what it was in life Soldier. You'll also see a unique hopper standing on the water. This tour will be a great addition to the tour of the Second World War: ​"Secret tunnels in Kyiv."

  • 4 hours of exploring history
  • 40+ Machine gun bunkers
  • 100+ War artefacts in museum
  • 200 Meters walking underground

Places to visit:
● Hopper guns
● Kyiv Museum of the Southern Front
● The underground tunnel system
● Unique hopper standing on water

This tour is organized by Svitlana Travel Company on request. The price for an individual tour (for 1 person) may differ.
The price is valid for a group tour.
Price for a half-day tour "Echo of World War II": ​​89 €

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