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Chernihiv tour with beer tasting

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Duration: 12 hours

Private one-day tour by car or minibus

Dates: every day upon request

Languages: English (another languages on request)


08:00 – group get-together near Lesnaya metro station (leaving the metro from the first wagon, turn left and then once again to Brovarskoy avenue).

08:15 – Leaving Kyiv. Entering Kozelets (the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral). 

11:00 - Arriving at Chernigov. Bus and walking sightseeing city tour. Visiting Antoniev Caves. 

Chernigov is one of the most ancient and interesting cities in Ukraine. It was a centre which significant in terms of politics, economics, and culture during many centuries.

The bus and walking sightseeing city tour allows you to see with your own eyes this magnificent city that is historically enriched.

The most well-known place in Chernigov is Val – it is a historical, cultural and spiritual centre of the city, its oldest part is Old Russian Detinets. Here, at the upper plateau of the right bedrock bank of Desna river, in the place where it meets one of its tributary called Strizhn’, in the last quarter of the 7th century, was established a hill-fort, which was a beginning of the future capital of the large principality of Chernigov.

There are quite a few famous names of those times connected to Val – militant Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich, Vladimir II Monomakh, Oleg, named Goreslavovich by the locals, Igor Svyatoslavovich – the hero of The Tale of Igor's Campaign, Yuriy Dolgorukiy - the founder of Moscow, and so on. 

The territory of Val continued to be an executive and cultural centre of Chernigov. Here, in the beginning of the 19th century, was built a stone house for the governor – later on, it became a classical gymnasium for boys, and it is now a historical museum named after V.V. Tarnavski. Later in time, there was erected a building of a gymnasium for girls (art museum today), and near them, there was built a Gymnasium square, where the bronze bust of A.S. Pushkin was established in 1900. And, these days, at the place of a former citadel, there was established a monument of T.G. Shevchenko. It is quite pleasant, any time of the year, to walk through the shady park avenues, to admire a wonder of preserved architecture of the ancient Val. 

Visiting the Antoniev Caves (optional adults – 30 hrn, children – 15 hrn). 
Antoniev Caves is a system of subterranean paths and crosswalks which are situated in the layers of Boldin Mountains. The overall length of the paths is 350 m. The caves lay at the 12 m depth and are situated at two main levels.  

After all these years, there have definitely emerged plethora of legends and tales about the monastery itself, the people and the caves. The most interesting one appears to be the legend of gigantic underground path which seems to extend from the Antoniev Caves to the very Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. 

13:00 – 14:45 – free time around the city, lunch (optional).

15:00 – tour and test-tasting at Chernigov Brewery. 

The second part of the tour includes visiting Chernigov Brewery (entry ticket – 50 hrn) – after beer products at the Ukrainian market, which represents the oldest brewery traditions (since 1366). 

Beer production, in brewers’ opinion, is a separate type of art that you can spend years learning. Since ancient times, brewery masters were called brovarnik and their workshops were called breweries. The history of brewery idea begins from ancient times.

During the tour, you will be visiting workshops where this drink is being made and you can personally taste all kinds of beer. 

Attention! To be able to enter the tour, all visitors should not wear shoes with heels and stilettos; should not have accessories: necklaces, earring, rings, bracelets, watches (you can leave it all in a special isolated premise). No videotaping!!! Visitors should be above 18 years old! 

18:00 – group get-together. Leaving for Kyiv.

20:00 – approximate arrival at Kyiv at Lesnaya metro station. See you soon!

The price includes:

  • comfortable bus ride;
  • guide accompaniment during the whole tour;
  • sightseeing tour around the Historical centre of Chernigov;
  • insurance.

The price does not include:

  • the entry ticket to the Brewery – 50 hrn;
  • the entry ticket to Antoniev Caves – adults – 30 hrn, children – 15 hrn; 
  • food and individual spending.
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