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1-day tour to Chernobyl

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08:00 - Meet your guide in the hotel lobby. Tour to Chernobyl.

10:45-11:00 - Arrival at the checkpoint "Dityatki"
(the first checkpoint on the border 30 km Exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl NPP). Checking of passports and entry into
the restricted zone.
11:00-15:00 - The tour begins with a visit to the office of the Chernobyl Zone Administration. During a visit to the
Administration Officer will speak about the tragedy of Chernobyl, the exclusion zone, the modern life of Chernobyl. On
the way to Chernobyl will be several stops for photos. The bus enters a 10-kilometer exclusion zone through the
checkpoint "Leliv". After a detour around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will make a stop at the gates of the 4th unit
at a special viewing platform overlooking the object "Sarcophagus".
Do not be left unattended and deserted ghost town of Pripyat. Here the tour program involves the inspection of the city's
buildings and structures that have been abandoned after the accident, and the population of the city evacuated. During the tour you will be able to make great photos, shoot video and hear the story of life in the city before the accident at the
Chernobyl nuclear power plant, about the evacuation, the city's history and life to the present time.

15: 00-15: 30 The eco-friendly lunch in the dining room in the exclusion zone, which feed on plant workers. This will allow to plunge into the atmosphere of the modern life of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. All products are tested and delivered from ecologically clean regions and does not radioactive.

15: 30-17:30 - After lunch, the group continues to survey the town of Chernobyl and its attractions. Among them, of which St. Elias Church, River port.

17:30-19:30 - End of the tour. The bus leaves the town of Chernobyl and the Zone of Alienation. Passage of
radiation monitoring and departure to Kyiv. Approximate arrival in Kyiv 19:30.
The tour operator has the right to change the order of trips and excursions, if it is an essential factor and
the key to ​successful programs for tourists.


  • All tourists must be over 18 years old who do not have medical contraindications to visit the zone of increased ionizing radiation;
  • Not allowed a person in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication or a hangover;
  • During the tour it is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol and drugs;
  • It is also forbidden to carry any weapons zone;
  • The clothes should be tight and closed as much as possible with long sleeves, closed shoes, and preferably with thick soles;
  • Not allowed: short pants, shorts, skirts, outdoor shoes, clothing with short sleeves;
  • Entry to the Zone is allowed only with a passport.

Tour price: 119 €

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